Ukrainian World Congress


global advertising campaign


The Challenge

The Ukrainian World Congress wanted to spread the message around the globe that Nobel laureates were voicing their support for the Ukrainian people and the free and independent state of Ukraine as it faces Russian aggression. 


The Solution

UJE, PMS and say what! partnered to create a global advertising campaign in five days. The campaign ran in March 2022 in major national news publications in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Isreal and was published in three languages.

The message was to share the view of a collective of the world’s most brilliant minds:

“We join in condemning these military actions and President Putin’s essential denial of the legitimacy of Ukraine’s existence”.

Nobel Laureates

Ukrainian World Congress

This declaration was made by a large group of Nobel Laureates. It is being brought to you courtesy of the Ukrainian World Congress.

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