J. Addison School


say what! brand positioning & website creation


The Challenge

J. Addison School needed to redefine their marketing position and create a global oriented website. The target market is worldwide and they wanted to show why parents should choose J. Addison School and Markham, Ontario, Canada as the destination for their children’s primary and secondary school education.


The Solution

say what! and digital partner xod media, completed a deep dive and worked with the executive team through the brandLove process where we identified the J. Addision School’s difference – the 5th period. The 5th period is a unique extra period which is customized to individual students learning. From there we created two positioning lines, “Nurturing tomorrow’s thinkers” for the overall school and “it all comes together in the 5th” for marketing. We then created a customized WordPress website which securely integrated into their CMS system creating a seamless online experience for both students and parents.


A new global position

The repositioning of the J. Addison brand and the launch of the new website was a great team program. The embeded videos, galleries, student testimonials, schedules, live running news banner and secure connection to the parent and student CMS was exactly what they were looking for.

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