it all starts here: the say what! brandLove process

The say what! brandLove process is a strategic way to work with key stakeholders within an organization to understand your brand. We will explore and define how you want to see your brand, how you are different than your competitors and how we can use this information.

We will establish your ‘say what brandLove map’ and utilize the new brand knowledge to start building your long-term brand.


#1 - brand personality

The first step of the say what! brandLove process is to establish your ‘brand personality’. We believe that a brand has a personality that defines how you think, talk and look.

You cannot control how your brand is accepted by consumers, so it is important that you understand how you want your brand to be seen and heard.

#2 - brand foundation

The second step of the say what! brandLove process is a deep dive into the culture of your organization. Based on the 7 part brand foundation process established by award winning marketer Ted Matthews, we will create a brand guideline for how your brand works and how it is different than your competitors and what one key word you own in your industry.

#3 - brandLove map

Step three of the say what! brandLove process is the brandLove map – an outline which reinforces and establishes all of the findings from our brandLove process. This brandLove map will be the guide to building your position of how you are different than your competitors. This map is a longterm commitment that will help to build your brand.

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what our clients are saying

“I truly believe that the say what! team loves the Q400 and our market… they
have helped us define the true essence of this Canadian success story.”


President, Aviation Media & Communication (formerly Director, Brand Strategy, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft)

“Grant and the say what! team love our guitars and they know our customers inside and out… they were instrumental in building both the Eastwood and Airline brands.”


President & Founder, Eastwood Guitars

“The say what! team is easy to work with and created a look that truly reflected the feel and direction I was looking for. The new Sherlase Clinic website and ‘Skin Coach’ positioning has increased our online presence and has been responsible for an increase in appointments by both new and existing clients.”


Owner & Skin Coach, Sherlase Clinic