Live Real Factory

say what! brand creation & marketing campaign

The Challenge

To rebrand, re-name and transform a high-end facility from a high-end restaurant to an exclusive boutique banquet event venue with a focus on providing inspirational workshops for local entrpreuneurs.

The Solution

say what! worked with visionary Harry James and developed a strategic re-branding and launch program for his world class third floor of Markham’s historical Old Town Hall. We worked closesly to bring his vision to life and created the Live Real Factory which included brand name development, overall brand creation, positioning and full brand launch marketing. The vision for the Live Real Factory was to be a venue where personal and business development workshops like Engage Thursdays, Retirement’s a Lie, and Live Real Workshops could be developed and hosted.

In conjuction with the Harry James marketing team a full online marketing website with event listings and ticket sells was created and supported by a social media program. This is a fantastic venue with a true vision and worth a visit.

Say What! gets it!

“A good musician is technically proficient but a great musician feels the music. The same is true of a great marketing company, they have to feel your message before they can bring your unique story to life. No one does that better than Say What!

For more than 25 years Grant has partnered with us to infuse a vibrant beating pulse into all things Harry James.”

Harry J., founder, the Live Real Factory


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