Harry James Enterprises

say what! brand creation & marketing campaign

The Challenge

Long time say what! client, HJE, the Harry James Enterprises Group wanted to increase their brand presence with the 55+ sector of the financial service industry and wondered the best method. 

The Solution

say what! worked with the key management of the Harry James Group to develop a multi-level marketing campaign targeted at the 55+ audience. The “Advice for Real Life since 1994” positioning was developed. A heavy rotation radio campaign launched on Zoomer Radio, which was supported on Zoomer digital with a focus of getting the target audience to signup for the “Retirement’s a Lie Workshops”. These workshops were hosted by the Harry James Group and featured best selling author Riely Moynes.

Say What! gets it!

“A good musician is technically proficient but a great musician feels the music. The same is true of a great marketing company, they have to feel your message before they can bring your unique story to life. No one does that better than Say What!

For more than 25 years Grant has partnered with us to infuse a vibrant beating pulse into all things Harry James.”

Harry J., founder, the Harry James Group


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