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grant "the brand guy" ivens, rgd

brand surgeon | rocket scientist
say what! communications corp.

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Grant has an extensive background in creative problem solving, and is a multifaceted strategic type who operates say what! communications.

Grant builds brands that stand out in an intensely competitive and changing media landscape through the say what! “brandLove” process.

“Brands are built, not created, is what say what! marches to. We strive to focus on long term objectives for all creative projects that help brands continually show how they are different”.

Grant brings creative thinking, marketing experience, art direction, design eye, people skills and humour to every project and lives by the philosophy that “We only work with brands we love, with people we respect, and for products and companies that we truly believe in. Life is too short not to believe in what you do.”

jason "the germ guy" tetro

science writer & advisor
say what! communications corp.

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Jason has been in the scientific community for over 30 years. He is a international science media celebrity on  COVID-19, SARS, Zika, and avian flu and has written several books, position papers for reports and magazine, newspaper and online media.

Jason is known as The Germ Guy and is the host of the Canada’s top science podcast ‘Super Awesome Science Show’ and the ‘Science of Brand’.

Jason also is a regular contributor to media. He is featured regularly on various radio and television stations in Canada and worldwide.

Jason has published ‘The Germ Code’  in 2013 and short-listed for Book of The Year by the Science Writers and Communicators of Canada and ‘The Germ Files’ in 2016 which appeared on the Globe and Mail national bestseller list.

kinga wysocka

social media queen
say what! communications corp.

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Kinga is a dynamic creative marketer who brings international consumer product knowledge to Say What! She is an experienced brand and social media expert with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer services industry for major global powerhouses including Bravado Design, Umbra and Crayola.

Kinga is a specialist in global and local product launches and social media. She also has an in-depth knowledge of online marketing and selling on Amazon.

Her creative and social media engagement have her connected with a unique network of international online influencers.



jo zadorsky

director of operations
say what! communications corp.
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Jo is the co-founder of say what! and provides overall marketing guidance and project co-ordination. Her entrepreneurial nature has been a key factor in the say what! expansion into new ventures.

Jo brings years of manufacturing, marketing, and operations knowledge to say what! This has been essential to launching, managing, and selling our ‘For the Love of Jo Coffee House’ and ‘Costa Nada Custom Dye House’.

Jo’s creative energy also allows her the opportunity to provide style and home design services for both commercial and consumer projects.

kagan mustafais

xod Media

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Kagan is a highly regarded industry expert, specializing in website design and development for conventional, handheld and other mobile devices, as well as search engine optimization (SEO), and the science and technology of human eye tracking.

Businesses have benefited from Kagan’s insights on a variety of topics, including how the application of human eye tracking principals can be used to maximize human computer interaction, website competitive differentiation and the user experience. He is further recognized for his impressive expertise on the standards required for developing websites for persons with disabilities, in compliance with government acts.

Kagan has helped businesses in diverse industries develop a distinct, powerful and sustainable online presence, improve their performance, and maximize return on their online investment.

greg dekoker

chief engagement officer
sandboxx corp. & evolation

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Greg is a talented brand strategist/project leader with extensive knowledge into employee and management engagement.

Greg co-authored the book ‘Brand: It Ain’t the Logo’ with Ted Matthews and Andris Pone, which is consistently on the Globe & Mail’s list of Top Selling Business Books in Canada.

Greg is a gifted speaker with a great sense of humour and he brings strategic brand positioning to every program.

claudia shadursky

PMS (print marketing solutions)

Claudia is a detailed oriented problem solver with an in-depth knowledge of the design and the print industry.

Claudia’s design sense, creative eye and critical thinking brings a world level approach to major campaigns. Her ability to take complex mult-level projects and turn them into strategic brand design campaigns is a true assest.

Claudia is an avid researcher which adds a  historical knowledge base to all her programs that she works on.

jeffrey elliott

co-founder & ceo
table rock media

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Jeffrey has over thirty years of strategic and creative experience in broadcasting, production, and digital media – and always at the forefront of emerging technologies in broadcasting and new-media. Jeffrey was the founder and CEO of GlassBOX Television. Glassbox Television became one of Canada’s leading multiplatform media companies. One of GlassBOX channels; Bite TV, the world’s first interactive and multiplatform television channel, was awarded an International Emmy for Interactive Broadcasting and won the best in Cross Platform Broadcasting at the DIGIS (Canadian New Media Awards). Glassbox Television was purchased in 2012 by Blue Ant Media.

In 2015 Jeffrey received the Digital Media Trailblazing Award by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.

dimitry kuzmenko

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Dimitry is a video machine. No matter what the situation – from a tattoo parlour on Queen St. to a boardroom on Bay Street, he can capture the emotion and then build the content to share with the world.

Editing, stop action or live to facebook, Dimitry and his team provide say what! with the ability to support your campaign, product launch or youtube channel with creative and effective video solutions.

roger carlsen

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Roger is one of Canada’s top photographers. He specializes in portrait, fashion, editorial location and nature photography. On location or in-studio, his approach to each genre is the same hands-on, innovative style that is found in every photograph. He uses the personality or character of his subjects, the environment and props to create something visually stimulating.

Roger’s diverse portfolio reflects a creative talent that has attracted a long, impressive list of satisfied and diverse clients.

Kelly Devoe

kelly devoe

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Kelly has worked in the advertising industry for more than 40 years, developing creative concepts, providing art direction, design and illustration to each new design piece.

Specializing in logo design, brand identity, ad campaigns, annual reports, video storyboards and anywhere else his illustrative style finds its way, his passion for what he does extends well beyond crafting design. Kelly embraces the adventure that evolves out of the collaboration process with the ultimate goal of creating a visual concept that’s both striking and unique.

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