welcome to the wacky world of goonie goo-goo

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The wacky world of goonie goo-goo 

Goonie goo-goo is a crazy tribute concept, based off the classic Eddie Murphy sasquatch skit from his ‘Delirious’ stand-up concert film in 1983.

“she’s a sasquatch Gus… goonie goo-goo”…

From that memorable skit has come goonie goo-goo productions. A half baked bunch of ideas all revolving around a sasquatch..

We’re making swag, we’re making cornhole boards, we’re making freezer packs and now we’re doing our own youTube cooking show called ‘Grilling with Shine”.

Just goes to show what too many late nights and campfires can do to your brains… we hope you enjoy and let us know if you have any requests for products or recipes…

Funny what can happen in a lockdown…

cheers Sven & Troy


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sven mcoy and troy de bois hosts of grilling with shine

Grilling with Shine show hosts are the grilling and distillery enthusiasts, intoxologist Sven Mcoy (left) and grill master Troy de Bois (right).

goonie goo-goo productions presents

grilling with shine

Grilling with Shine is a road tour cooking and drinking show hosted by the grilling and distillery enthusiasts, Troy de Bois (grill master) and Sven Mcoy (intoxologist). 

Come watch how these two lifelong backwoods friends cook-up something on the grill and explore how they can use moonshine as a basic ingredient in every recipe.

goonie goo-goo productions is excited to launch this new real life adventure exploring craft distilleries, local butcher shops and markets in small towns and discovering how fun the grilling life can be.

If you have any suggestions on what distilleries we should visit or any ideas for upcoming shows on what to grill and where to drink let us know.


grilling with shine – food shows

buzda rhymes shiner logo

episode four 

blue vs green grill-off
beef ribs vs pork ribs…

In this episode of Grilling with Shine the blue team of Grill Master, Troy de Bois, and Intoxologist, Sven Mcoy challenge the Green Team of Gill Masters Craig le Flame, and Jeffie Budman to a Grill-Off.

Team Blue puts their new portable Traeger to the test with two good size Beef Ribs with special Grilling with Shine spice and a spritzer of Port and Moonshine. Sven mixes up a big jug of their new signature ‘Budza Rhyme Shiner”.

Let’s just say that Team Green are overachievers. Craig le Flame cooks up a mess of pork side centre ribs in secret sauce, along with Smoked jalapenos with some potatoes. Jeffie Budman unsuccessfully tries to make collard greens edible but nails a tasty fillet of fresh salmon caught at Musselman Lake, Ontario.

episode three 

grilled hanger steak marinated in beer-wine-moonshine

Sven takes on the challenge of preparing and trimming the most secret cut of beef… the Hanger Steak, also know as the Butcher Steak because the butchers don’t like to share this cut because it is that good!

Tune in to learn how trim, marinate and grill a hanger steak.

episode two 

pear stuffed duck with port moonshine lime bitters glaze

Troy and Sven meet up with Buck, Father Christmas and Jimmie Joe as they tackle a duck with the help of a high test port moonshine lime bitters glaze. And catch 8 month-old Mila Mcoy make her first broadcast as duck taster.

Tune in to catch all the fun.

episode one

pork hocks in buckhorn

In the tiny community of Buckhorn, Ontario, Troy and Sven meet up with local legend ‘Jack the bear’ and grill up some delectable pork hocks, fresh from the Hanson Homestead in South River. To spice up the basting, the boys blend in half a can of Beau’s Lug Tread Lagered Ale with a healthy splash of Copperhead Distillery’s Magnetawan Rye Moonshine. 

Tune in to catch all the fun and only one small flesh wound in this episode.

grilling with shine – snack shows

halloumi snacks episode

prosciutto wrapped halloumi with blackberry moonshine

On a Sunday afternoon at Musselman Lake, hot sauce master, Craig Leflame joins Troy and Sven and grill-up a tasty snack of ‘prosciutto wrapped halloumi cheese’ and sauce it up with a tangy blackberry moonshine and ‘ring of fire’ pepper jelly.

This is the perfect snack for any day and so simple to make…
you can thank us now!

grilling with shine – cocktail shows

cocktails episode three

smoking bloody shiner

Sven and Troy answer the challenge from the Drunken BBQ to come up with a drink that pairs with their new ‘Juicy Smoked Chicken Naco’ and they created a hot and spicy cocktail they call ‘Smoking Bloody Shiner’.

A twist on Canada’s favourite morning-after-drink… this is a mix of Moonshine and ‘homegrownMoonshine & pot tincture’ with spices and a blast of freshly grated Wasabi…

The Smoking Bloody Shiner is a drink made to take the edge off anything.

Sit back, put on your seatbelt and enjoy.

cocktails episode two

supreme shiner

Sven and Troy take on the challenge from our good friends at Drunken BBQ to create the perfect cocktail to pair with their new North Korean influenced ‘Great Kim Yum Yum Burger’. So after much research the Grilling with Shine team invented the ‘Supreme Shiner’… a delicate blend of the world’s best selling liquor ‘SOJU’ and some good old Moonshine with a few other things to add some flavour.

The perfect pair for anytime of day Pop over to The Drunken BBQ to find our about their amazing GREAT KIM YUM YUM BURGER and mix up a Supreme Shiner to go with it!

cocktails episode one


Gin has always been a summertime favourite beverage full of complex flavours thanks to the infused botanicals. When you add a cross mixture of different flavours to gin like lime bitters, blackberry moonshine and hot spices you can up your game from great to amazing.

This may become your summertime go-to drink… say hello to a frosty thirst quenching grilling with shine gin-shine!


drinking with Troy & Sven

Grilling with Shine hosts, Grill master Troy de Bois and Intoxologist, Sven Mcoy, take a bread from the heat of the grill to have a cold frosty beer and due to a miscalculation with there Goonie Goo-Goo six pack cooler they have to switch to a fancy wax topped bottle of 2020 – 2 Year Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cuvee ‘Glory & Gold’ from Nickel Brook brewing company in Hamilton Ontario. Troy shows his linguistic skills as he tries to read the label… 

corn hole boards

what every backyard deserves…

goonie goo-goo cornhole boards

May 2021 our first sets of heavy-duty goonie goo-goo cornhole boards hit backyards across Southern Ontario and the response is incredible.

These handmade boards are built to last. With 1/2″ maple plywood top and full 2 x 4 frames and featuring a 14″ goonie goo-goo logo under a layer of heavy-duty weather-proof varathane, these boards are heavy-duty.

Only $300 for 2 boards and a set of eight bags.

Got the bags, no problem, order your set of boards for $250.