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Bringing history online 


The Challenge

The Ukrainian Jewish Encounter (UJE) wanted to expand and complement their Museum Exhibit and award-winning catalogue: A Journey through the Ukrainian-Jewish Encounter: From Antiquity to 1914 with an online Timeline. To illustrate Ukraine’s centuries-long history, the information is divided into six time periods (including two parallel eras), each containing extensive content, loaded with archival images and divided into six categories— mobile-friendly, bilingual (Ukrainian and English) and easily expandable to add new time periods in the future.

The UJE Timeline aims to deepen understanding of the breadth, complexity, and diversity of Ukrainian-Jewish relations over the centuries, with a view to the future.

The Solution

say what! took on this complex project with our creative partner at PMS. We enlisted the assistance of web developers from Canada, the USA, Mexico, Ireland and Spain to create a strategic approach with a key focus on simplicity and delivering a tasteful on-brand user experience.

After 24 months of planning and programming, a customized WordPress website was launched globally.

We also hope that as Ukraine defends its very existence against Russia, which criminally invaded the country, the Timeline will serve to counter malicious and false narratives about Ukraine and its history. Ukraine is home to diverse peoples and, for centuries, one of the world’s oldest and largest Jewish communities.

This is another important example of how communication can support the plight of the Ukrainian people against the criminal Russian invasion.

Since its launch in September 2022, the UJE Timeline has earned international recognition by winning multiple awards.
Web Excellence award
w3 awards for Website (3 silvers)
• Non-profit
• Best Structure and Navigation
• Best Visual Appeal — Aesthetics

UJE is now a world class brand

“The creative collabrative that Claudia at PMS and Grant at say what! have brought  to the UJE is magical.

They have helped us truly define and present our complex message as a world class brand on a global basis and consistantly in two languages, English and Ukrainian!”

Raya S., Director of Operations, UJE

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