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Wally Moss

poet / performance artist / photographer / filmmaker / singer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Warning, watch with caution…. some of Wally’s work has been known to offend … you’ve been warned.

Wally Moss delivers his spoken word performance in the short film, “Soft and Safe”.

Wally Moss’s short film, “Goddamn Sensitive Man”, was an Official Selection at the 2017 Toronto Short Film Festival.
Warning: contains content and language that may not be suitable for watching at work or with your family. Run for the hills!

Wally moss

Wally moss

arty guy

Our long-time friend and photographer, Wally Moss, is a true creative genius. A multitalented artist and force of nature. He’s a spoken-word performer, a singer songwriter and a filmmaker extraordinaire. His sometimes ‘controversial’ work can stop you in your tracks and make you take notice. Wally takes full advantage of his freedom of speech.