Grilling with Shine


say what! product and brand creation and marketing campaign


Client Challenge

We want to create a line of interesting bbq and cocktail spices that use moonshine as a product attribute. They should be loud and memorable and catch people’s attention.

The say what! Solution

Let’s build a small grassroots YouTube channel and social campaign teasing and promoting this new brand of spices featuring the two creators as the backwoods characters Grill Master Troy Des Bois and Intoxologist Sven Mcoy.

We’ll call the brand ‘Grilling with Shine’ and feature bbq cooking and drinking shows all focused on moonshine as a special ingredient.

As the brand developed we will quietly introduce a line of spices with memorable names and positioning slogans like:

  •  ‘Rub me Arse’ moonshine infused bbq rub – “does the rub make my arse look hot”
  • ‘Black Eyed Shiner’ moonshine infused blackened rub – “mmm… makes me taste like chicken”
  •  ‘Bull Shine’ bbq moonshine infused steak spice – “I dare you to try to tenderize me bitch”
  •  ‘Rise and Shine’ cocktail rimmer  – “get up and make me a spicy rimmer”

The overall product introduction campaign includes branding, product development, marketing, distribution, naming, label design, social media, online shop, video production and pop.

Get your Grilling with Shine moonshine infused bbq spices at

say what! creates a spice brand

“It’s hard to believe how a Covid diversion like of making a drunken YouTube bbq show could turn into the Grilling with Shine moonshine infused bbq spice brand. We are having a blast creating a new taste for grillers everywhere and pushing the utilizing all of the say what! Brand marketing Experience.”

grant ivens, brand surgeon  |  rocket scientiss, say what! communications
(alias  – Intoxologist Sven Mcoy,  grilling with shine)

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