Bombardier Q400


say what! brand marketing campaign


The Challenge

The Bombardier Q400 regional aircraft has so many things going for it. Fuel efficiency, quiet, comfort, flexibility, reliability – in fact, there isn’t one clear and simple benefit to hang a marketing shingle on. And in the world of branding, simplicity is everything.

Say What! was challenged to develop a brand direction that could work for this incredible Canadian success story.

The Solution

The result? Get More has become the mantra for the entire Q400 program. It is a true brand promise that has been adopted by every stakeholder, from top management to marketing to production to customer to consumer and media. It’s printed on the marketing materials, included in the PR releases and spoken in the boardrooms. It’s everywhere.  And that’s what makes a brand succeed.

And as with every successful brand program, the Q400 Get More brand continues to evolve and expand. This program was instrumental in landing the WestJet order for Bombardier, the largest regional aircraft order of 2012. And the “Get More” brand continues to expand around the globe on international tours and trade shows. Airline operators around the world are even using it for their own consumer campaigns.

Say What! delivered

“I truly believe that the Say What! team loves the Q400 and our market… they have helped us define the true essence of this Canadian success story.”

Bert C., President,  Aviation Media & Communication
(Former Director, Brand Strategy Bombardier Commercial Aircraft)

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