Harry James Enterprises

say what! brand creation & marketing campaign

The Challenge

In the heat of the pandemic in 2020, long time say what! friend, Harry James redefined his businesses and created Harry James Enterprises. Harry then challenged say what! to develop a clear brand strategy that captured and explained his Live Real philosophy while demonstrating his years of business and real estate experiences.



The Solution

say what! worked directly with Harry and his team to define and align all of his key ‘Live Real’ philosophy messages and to simplify the brand with the creation of the ‘harry the stickman’ graphic. This evolved into the LiveRealBeReal website and brand. Once the Live Real was established, we simplified the Harry James Enterprise message and created a sister website with a dual stream collection of his business projects and his real estate projects all connecting the Live Real philosophy.

say what! gets it!

“A good musician is technically proficient but a great musician feels the music. The same is true of a great marketing company, they have to feel your message before they can bring your unique story to life. No one does that better than say what!

For more than 25 years Grant has partnered with us to infuse a vibrant beating pulse into all things Harry James.”

Harry J., the guy, Harry James Enterprises


here are some other things we brand

UJE girl - say what
marca pizza - say what
kawartha face - say what