say what! brand development and website creation


The Challenge

Geophysical exploration instrument provider Terraplus needed to redesign and expand its website. This included a complex re-alignment of over 350 products SKUs over 20 product categories for sales and rent across distinct product applications. They also were in need of a complete rebranding.

The Solution

say what! and the key management team of Terraplus used the Say What! brandLove process to define and develop their positioning statement of “empowering discovery“. Once the brand direction was established, we worked with the team to refine the product offering with a focus on simplifiying the user experience and ease of use.

Terraplus worked with our website roadmap and assembled a massive spreadsheet of data and image links over a 12 month period.

While the data collection process was in the works, say what! refined the design and the look of the website and developed a retro exploration for the six key markets and sourced global imagery to support the brand.

say what! also refinded and created a new brand identity program for Terraplus and their rental division ‘Georent’. The overall new brand was introduced at Canada’s largest mining conference in March 2020.

say what! gets geophysical

“We believe that it is important for a marketing firm to gain an in-depth understanding of a clients’ business. With Terraplus, we worked with the whole team, and learned about their world, the complexity of their equipment and the applications across the six key markets. We went to the mining trade show and talked to the end users of the Geophysical instruments. This in-depth research and connection with the team enabled us to develop a website and brand that will grow with TerraPlus and be an essential part of their marketing and sales programs.”
grant ivens, say what! communications



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