say what! brand marketing campaign


The Challenge

The UJE (Ukrainian Jewish Encounter) was in need of refining thier image to reflect their growing presence in the global not-for-profit sector. The complexity of their message needed to be an equal blend of the Ukrainian and Jewish partnership in a visual and intellectual style that was understandable to all target groups. This brand also needed to work in both English and Ukrainian languages.

The Solution

PMS partnered with say what! to develop a branding program that could take their delicate and complex message of the UJE and make it work across all media platforms. Through the creation of a series of themed visuals, we were able to establish a style oriented platform of communication tools that translated simply between both English and Ukrainian.

This branding program has expanded across the globe and promoted on the streets of Ukraine and featured in a multimedia exhibition in LVIV.

UJE is now a world class brand

“The creative collabrative that Claudia at PMS and Grant at say what! have brought  to the UJE is magical.

They have helped us truly define and present our complex message as a world class brand on a global basis and consistantly in two languages, English and Ukrainian!” 

Raya S., Director of Operations, UJE

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