the art collective

the art collective

the art collective

the art collective

the art collective

meet the say what! art collective

This collective of talented artists from across Canada have been associated with say what! over the years as friends, members of the team and clients. Each artist offers their unique view of the world around them and creative that is worth exploring and collecting. Check out their galleries, their websites, their social links and reach out to them if you see something that connects with you. Art is in the eye of the beholder. Enjoy.


Patrick Nunziata
visual artist & designer

Abstraction, figuration & its collective implication on experience.

May Sunset by roger carlsen

Roger Carlsen

A gallery of breathtaking photographs of nature.

copper-and-labradorite by Stephanie

Alexis Stefānija
jewellery creator

Original handcrafted jewellery combining nature and metals.

Jesus Murphy logo by kelly devoe

Kelly Devoe

Original east coast music at its finest by the Jesus Murphy band.

meltdown by Quincy Raby

Quincy Raby
pop artist

Style, message and technique for now.

Wally Moss

Carol MacNeil
mixed media artist

Driftwood that has been reimagined and brought to life.

art by todd dekoker

Todd deKoker
mixed media artist

A collection of impressive pieces evolving around his vision of sol.

buckhorn brownies cookies

Christine Williams

Sweet tasty treats and the inventor of Buckhorn Brownies.

bear by dan kanagas

Dan Kangas
driftwood & found object artist

An imaginative use of driftwood and rusted objects.

Afterplay by Tania Garner-Tomas

Tania Garner-Tomas
artist & sculptress

Sculptures and paintings that bring motion and movement to life.

baked dreams by Grant Ivens

Grant Ivens
chainsaw/mixed media artist

A collection of found objects and humourous strange ideas.

Wally Moss

Wally Moss

His controversial work stops you and makes you take notice.

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