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grilled duck with pears and port moonshine lime bitters glaze

Preptime: 36 minutes
Cook Time: 4 hours
Feeds: 4-6 people 

Grilling is the perfect way to experieince the rich dark meat that a duck has to offer. Ducks are a true Canadian treat and grilling and  proper preperation is the magic to breakdown the thick fat layer between the meat and the skin. Stuffed with firm fresh pairs makes a perfect side dish and pair this with a fresh craft larger or a glass of a bold merlot and you’ll have a meal made for a king.

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grilled duck stuffed with pears and port moonshine lime bitter glaze


  • remove the pack of giblets and wash duck 

  • pat it dry with a paper towel

  • slice skin on 33 degree but don’t cut meat

  • count your fingers and make sure they’all there

  • you’ll end up with 12-16 cheese fingers


  • cover skin with a generous coating of Dillon’s Lime Bitters

  • coat the duck with thick layer of Kawartha County Wines Black Currant Port

  • massage the Lime Bitters and Port for 2-3 minutes 


  • have a sip or two of that lovely Port

  • sprinkle the whole duck with a thick layer of Grilling with Shine Buzzard Rub

  • rub it in vigorously


  • cut two Puerto Rican pears in half

  • stuff pears into the duck holes

  • pul skin over to seal 


  • line large pan with tin foil

  • add 200 ml of Kawartha Winery black Current Port

  • add 200 ml of Copperhead Magnetawan Rye Moonshine

  • add bag of duck giblets

  • sprinkle in 1 tablespoon of Grilling with Shine Buzzard Rub


  • heat grill to medium

  • put pan with port, moonshine and giblets direct on coals

  • place duck on grill over the dripping pan

  • grill at medium heat for 3-4 hours or 6-12 cocktails

  • bring duck up to 165 degrees 

  • remove from grill and let sit tented under foil for 10 minutes


  • remove the pears and slice into spears

  • cut the duck into thin slices

  • searve with fresh salad topped with the pears 

  • pair with an ice cold South River Brewing Co. Buckshot Larger


  • 1 King Cole whole duck, about 2.5kg/5lbs.

  • 2 firm Puerto Rican pears

  • 250 ml of Kawartha County Wines Black Currant Port

  • 10 ml of Dillon’s Lime Bitters


  • 4-12 oz of Copperhead Distillery Magnetawan Rye Moonshine 

  • 500 ml of Kawartha County Wines Black Currant Port

  • freshly ground pepper

    Find more of our Grill with Shine shows and suggestions on our page

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