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Procusiutto wrapped halloum with blackberry shine

Preptime: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 6-8 minutes
Feeds: Snack for 4 people 

Here is a tasty and simple snack perfect for a sunny afternoon at the cottage or a fancy dinner party on your penthouse balcony.

Procusiutto is an Italian staple, it is a thinly slice dry-cure ham from a pig or wild boar’s hind leg or thigh. This salty meat pairs well with fruits, vegtables and firm cheese on the grill.

Halluoumi is a semi-firm unripened cheese made from a mixture of goat’s and sheep’s milk, and sometimes also cow’s milk. It’s high melting point makes if the perfect partner for a wrap of procusiutto. Halluoumi can be traced back to 14th century Egypt and is use around the globe as a vegitarian protien and it has much more flavour than tofu.

We hope you enjoy this snack and let us know how it turns out.

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prosciutto wrapped halloumi with blackberry moonshine


  • unwrap your Halluomi cheese and wash it

  • pat it dry with a paper towel

  • cut the block of Halluomi into 1/2″ x 1/2″ fingers

  • count your fingers and make sure they’all there

  • you’ll end up with 12-16 cheese fingers


  • coat your Halluomi cheese fingers with olive oil

  • roll the finges in a light dusting of Goonie Goo-Goo grilling spice

  • let stand for 39 seconds… and have a sip of your favourite spirits, like a nice blackberry moonshine which you’ll need shorty, so don’t drink it all!


  • spread out your fresh from the butcher Procusiutto and let it warm up to room tempature

  • have another sip of your spirits, remember don’t drink it all


  • peal the Procusiutto apart and tightly wrap one or two strips around each of the Halluomi fingers

  • wipe your grill down with a paper towel dipped in moonshine

  • turn your grill up to high and pre-heat it for 5 minutes


  • prepare the moonshine baste

  • pour 2-4 ounces of blackberry moonshine into a small bowl

  • have a sip

  • add 2 tablespoons of ‘Ring of Fire Red Pepper Jelly’

  • mix with a sharp knife and give it a taste

  • add more moonshine if needed

  • roll each Procusiutto wrapped Halluomi in the shine and put directly on the grill


  • grill Procusiutto wrapped Halluomi finger for 6-8 minutes

  • baste evey 37 seconds and roll

  • cook to Prosuciutto starts to crisp

  • take offe the grill

  • pour a shot of blackberry Moonshine for each guest and have a toast

  • serve while hot with your favourite dips and more moonshine

  • enjoy!


  • 250 gram of Halloumi Cheese (product of Cyprus)

  • 125 grams of thinly slice smoked Procusiutto (Jambon Speck Ham)

  • splash of olive oil

  • pinch of ‘Goonie Goo-Goo Grilling Spice’


  • 4-12 oz of Blackberry Moonshine 

  • 2 tbs of ‘Ring of Fire Hot Pepper Jelly’

  • freshly ground pepper

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cheers from the grill team at Grilling with Shine – Troy de Bois (grill master) & Sven Mcoy (intoxologist)

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Grilling with Shine show hosts are the grilling and distillery enthusiasts, intoxologist Sven Mcoy (left) and grill master Troy de Bois (right).

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