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Tania Garner-Tomas

artist & sculptress

Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

After play by Tania Garner-Tomas

After Play (2017)

cast bronze on cememnt
16″ x 8″ x 7″

Joyful circle

Joyful Circle (2020)

acrylic on canvas
48″ x 36″

Pegasus by Tonia Garner

Pegasus Flight (2016)

acrylic on canvas
24″ x 36″

When Time Stands Still by Tania Garner-Thomas

When Time Stands Still (2015)

cast bronze on steel
10″ x 14″ x 9″

nature of magic

The Nature of Magic (2016)

acrylic on canvas
36″ x 48″

Arabesque by Tania Garner-Thomas

Arabesque (2017)

cast bronze on steel
18″ x 7″ x 13″

Horse Godess Reflected by Tania Garner-Thomas

Horse Goddess Reflected (2017)

 cast bronze on steel
6″ x 22″ x 9″

Tania Garner-Tomas

Tania Garner-Tomas

Artist & Sculptress


Hello, I am Tania Garner-Tomas. 

I am an artist who creates unique works in metal and painting, and have recently written a book. I am very grateful to have had the pleasure of creating works for many fine individuals, businesses and governments. 

My art career began after 5 years of art school, where I worked in graphic arts for 5 years in advertising agencies in Toronto. In 1985 I moved to Alberta. My dream of living on an acreage, being an artist and having a horse came true here. My family and I built two studios. One is indoor, and one is a metal/wood shop in a separate building. 

I have a marvelous family that are always ready to help me in my many endeavors. Blessed with three fine children, and married to a most wonderful man. I love horses, and they have been a muse for years. recently inspiring a children’s book, “Outlaw Spike” which I was able to write, illustrate and publish as an independent author. 

Early in my career, I hand drew and painted 100s of window painting murals for commercial businesses in the Edmonton region. This was followed by my first commission, a huge, wildly challenging Canadian Geese mural on a storage tank for Enbridge pipeline; done while pregnant with my third child. I always tell her that she was my helper, peeking out of her belly button window. 

It was my joy over the years to be commissioned to create public and private art projects, portfolio on commission’s page. 

Whimsical driveway gates have been another series of creations, challenging, and fulfilling when they are installed. 

Bodies of work fine art painting and sculpture series over the years have included; The Rock n roll art show, with stage lit performers. Images of the Goddess, which was my exploration of the feminine mythologies of God. The last few series of paintings and sculpture have been on the magic of Horses. I am also an avid horsewoman who has owned 4 horses over the years, and had a lot of fun with them, as well as my share of injuries and emotional highs and lows. 

I am currently working on more writing, and experimenting with materials and my artistic voice. 

Outlaw Spike cover

Outlaw Spike

Order your copy of ‘Outlaw Spike’ the new book written and illustrated by Tania Garner-Tomas

Outlaw SpikeThrough no fault of his own, little Spike suffers trauma and neglect. Through thecourse of the book, he realises that listening to his own instincts and feelings help to keep him safe. With care from his new family, Spike learns that some people can indeed be trusted, and even loved.

Children will find connection with Spike’s feelings. The message of hurt, love, trust, belonging, and purpose is universal. The discussion questions at the back of the book can be shared with parents, teachers, social workers, or therapists.

Purchase Outlaw Spike on Amazon