Sherlase Clinic


say what! website creation & marketing support


The Challenge

Sherlase Clinic is the top destination for advanced skin care in the Markham area and was coming up on their 20th anniversary and needed to refresh their image and increase their online marketing exposure.


The Solution

say what! completed a full ‘brandLove dive’ which helped Sherlase Clinic to identify their brand difference. ‘Skin Coach” became the new positioning for Sherlase Clinic and Say What! and digital partner Xod Media, created a brand focused website and marketing support program, which is focused on ongoing testimonials by actual clients about how Sherlase Clinic is able to provide ‘Skin Coaching’ across all age group.


  • % of clients who offered testimonials 85% 85%
  • increase in website visits over first 12 months 100% 100%
  • growth in email base after 24 months 100% 100%

The Results Were Amazing

“The say what! team is esay to work with and created a look that truly reflected the feel and direction I was looking for. The new Sherlase Clinic website and ‘Skin Coach’ positioning has increased our online presence and has been responsible for an increase in appointments by both new and existing clients.” 

Sheri K., Owner & Skin Coach, Sherlase Clinic


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