Kawartha Stone


say what! brand creation & marketing campaign


The Challenge

10 years after say what! had created the original Kawartha Quarry brand, the company evolved into a value added provider of cut stone through a substantial investment in machinery and a second location in Brechin, Ontario. This advancement expanded their target market to include architects and custom home builders across North America.

Say What! worked with the management team to evaluate the marketplace and define the roll-out and how best to represent the brand, while not abandoning the existing market of landscapers.

The Solution

say what! worked with the management team to define how the evolution of moving from quarry to finished products would fit into the mindset of the new target and renamed the company “Kawartha Custom Cut Stone”, previously “Kawartha Rock Quarry”. The key term was “stone”: a more finished product than rock.  The new brand worked with the existing “kawartha man” icon and repositioned the graphic to demonstrate the new cut direction. The new brand was introduced online, through social media and onsite to the existing client base.

The “Real stone brings things to life” campaign grew and launched the “LifeSeries” of cut stone products. This campaign was introduced by a multi-media consumer campaign in partnership with Toronto Homes and Napolean Grills and was supported via social media and the IIDEX and Landscape Ontario tradeshows.

  • % of sales – quarry sales after 24 months 50% 50%
  • % of sales – cut stone sales after 24 months 50% 50%
  • growth in email base after 24 months 100% 100%

The Results Are Amazing

24 months after the rebranding, Kawartha Custom Cut Stone had grown and is now recognized amongst architecs and custom home builders.


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