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The Challenge

Say What! and digital partner xod media were initially briefed on developing a website for Mara Technology, the Canadian electronic manufacturing arm of the Invotek Group.

Mara Technology and Invotek Group, along with their Asian operations were all going through great strides in growth on a global basis and were in need of defining their brand and developing a unified message.

The Solution

Say What! and the key management team of Mara Technology and the Invotek Group used the Say What! brandLove process to define and develop their positioning statement of “We are your factory“. Once the brand direction was established, the divisional website was re-directed to become the overall brand platform for the parent company the Invotek Group.

This process lead to the development of the new Invotek Group brand which addresses all three key operations of Magatech, Magmara and Magdigital.

Say What! photography partner, Roger Carlsen captured the flavour of the Invotek environment and all was brought to life through the digital programming of xod media.

The result is the establishment of a brand which is set for focused growth through the strategic “We are your factory” partnerships between Invotek and their customers.

say what! learned our business!

“In recent years, our operations have grown to a global scale.  We were very much in need of revamping our website, logo, and brand to be aligned with our business strategy and goals.  In took some time and some real soul searching for our group to develop the new messaging.  Grant and his team were instrumental in guiding us through the process.  They rolled up their sleeves, and made a concerted effort to learn our business, evaluate the competitive landscape, and propose really innovative solutions.  We could not be more pleased with the outcome.  Having launched only 3 months ago, we are already receiving very positive feedback from our customers.”

Dave P.,
VP, Business Development

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