Every business knows that it is essential to be on social media, and the ROI can be amazing or costly depending on the level of consistent engagement. But, the most important elements of properly getting involved in social media is understanding the reasons why, identifying the goals and determining which platforms are key to your marketplace.


The magic of social media…

The secret behind social media is the analytical data. Within minutes you can gain an in-depth understanding on how your posts are engaging your audience. This data enables you to plan when to post and how to fine tune your content for each platform.

say what! recently launched two strategic social plans for clients in diversely different markets:

  • OptiSolve, is a science oriented client focused on ‘making the invisible visible’.
  • The Procenko Team, is a York Region based home and investor realtor.

Both social media plans are similar, but totally different in the use of social media channels, content and objectives.


Making science shareable…

In the world of science, our pre-plan research identified that the top social network is twitter. The messaging of time sensitive content is the key. By identifying trends and keeping on top of news relating to OptiSolve’s attributes, we organically grew our twitter audience by over 750% in the first 2 months.

“The success of this plan is monitoring what works and constantly fine tuning our content. We tested multiple posts with images and videos. We found that by reducing our clips by a few seconds, our impressions jumped by over 5,000 views” stated Kinga Wysocka, say what! Social Media Queen.


Talking local but looking big…

Home realtors are always looking to connect with new potential buyers and sellers, which makes a targeted social media program an important asset. “Through a strategically designed online branding program, we were able to ‘organically’ grow our Instagram audience by over 250% in under 30 days.

The new listings and open house posts out performed the previous posts by over 500%. This resulted into engagements of over 600 new instagramers” said Wysocka. “The effectiveness of this program is an essential element of the Procenko brand relaunch. This social media program is sending out a new larger than life message to content interested consumers”.


How critical is email marketing?

Mike Robinson is the president and founder of Eastwood Guitars. His vintage guitar company grew from zero to the world leader in under 12 years. Mike says, “hands down my most valuable asset is my database. It is critical to keep your data current. And it is also important to nurture it.”

Your direct contacts already know your brand and want to learn more. By informing and awarding existing followers you let them know that you appreciate them. This demonstrates how important they are to your brand. And by letting them know that you want to hear from them adds a personal connection.

Brands should never use e-marketing as only a hard sell channel.

Understanding the value of your database and saying ‘thank you’ to your tribe, is an essential part of a social media marketing plan.


Social Media is brand marketing…

Brand marketing is about consistency.  It shows ‘how you are different than your competitors’. Social media is a key tool to strengthen this message.

Which leads to the question “how on brand is your social media marketing?”

To find out more about how we can help with your brand and social media marketing, please contact us.

cheers, grant ivens, rgd
brand surgeon |  rocket scientist  |  educator
say what! communications corp. grant@saywhat.com