Getting clients involved with students…

Since I started as a part-time professor in 2014, my college design and marketing students have had amazing opportunities to work with and meet some of our clients, associates and friends.

First of all a giant shout out to Shane and Piers from Market Brewing Company, Paul from Crayola, Jennifer from LinkedIn, Harry from the HJ Group, Kagan from Xod Media, Greg from Evolation, Ivar at Universal Music and Jeffrey from Table Rock Media for taking the time to share knowledge with close to a thousand students over the past five years!

Thank you all so much!

Bringing the real world to the classroom

Getting clients involved in college classes elevates students’ level of engagement to a new high. It helps prepare them for the real world. The results and the feedback have been amazing – from everyone.

This semester we had the opportunity of having the owner and marketing director of Market Brew Company attend the final presentations by seven teams of the Seneca Graphic Design graduating class of graphic design. For the prior six weeks, these teams had been working as design firms responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP) and developing a complete marketing campaign for Market Brew Company.

On Wednesday, the students did professional presentations which included company branding and positioning, product naming, label design, packaging, online and social media programs, launch campaigns and point of purchase designs. The results were professional, well thought out and showcased some brilliant design work.

2019 student examples

Examples of Seneca College 6th semester design work

The main motivation for these students doing such great work in a tight timeframe was that they were working on something that felt real and presenting to real clients.

Last semester Paul briefed my class of 35 marketing students to create an engaging portable interactive event program for Crayola which focused on the use of new technology like augmented reality or artificial intelligence. Some of the final presentations were true business plans with excellent potential for applications.

One of my students asked me “why do I teach?” I laughed and said “it is how I keep myself and my clients engaged and current. It’s not for the money that’s for sure!”

That’s just a little taste of how I bring my clients and friends to college with me. If it sounds of interest to you and you would like to get involved give me a shout and I’ll see if there is a way we can bring you and your company into my curriculum.

Looking forward to what projects come next!


Cheers grant

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