things are changing…

During the pandemic we have all been forced to play it safe. Keep our distance, hyper clean, wear a mask and avoid social gatherings. Major events cancelled. Favourite places closed. And everything put on hold.
But things will change. And change fast.
With the delivery of vaccines the attitude of consumers and brands are on an upward swing. The potential for things going back to a new normal is a real thing.
Over the past few weeks in talking with clients, the conversations are more optimistic. And the question that comes up is “how to be ready for the new business as usual?”
We all agree the new reality will spark an ‘end of war’ celebration mentality:
  • Will all of those cancelled life events and concerts actually be scheduled?
  • Will all those postponed vacations and trade shows happen?
  • Will people rethink about living in the wilderness and living in zoom calls?
All good questions to consider, but most importantly is how can your brand play in this new wave of celebration?


The one question to ask yourself about your brand:
“are we the life of the party or are we the supportive best friend?”

Business will return to the new normal. Most indicators are pointing to the return to offices, the rebound of the downtown core, resurgence of in-store visits and an overall consumer rebound.
But the reality is that the impact of the pandemic has been hard, and most people are going to need more than a shiny object to keep them satisfied. They are going to want to have something that they can keep long after the last song has played.
So it’s good to ask, “is your brand ready for the party?” But the science tells us that we should also ask, “is my brand ready for the next morning?”
It is time to take a deep look at your brand and how it has engaged with your audience over the past few years. As attitudes change, then your brand messaging and marketing should be ready to maximize this swing in consumer confidence.
Right now is the opportunity to improve your brand place with your audience and to plant yourself in the top of mind position. It’s not the loudest voice that wins, it’s the most consistent voice that wins. After Covid, we are all going to want to party with our best friends. Your brand should be positioned to be there.
If you’d need some help getting ready for the party, then get in touch with us and let’s talk.
cheers grant
grant ‘the brand guy’ ivens, rgd
brand surgeon  |  rocket scientist