some brands stick

Sometimes it’s a silly phrase like “where’s the beef” from the iconic 1984 Wendy’s commercial or how you remember all the words from a 30 second commercial like this “Marvel the mustang, he’s almost for real…” a ride’em toy horse introduced in 1967. 

crayola box of crayons

Marketing is the strongest when it connects with consumers emotions.

When you brand becomes part of your target market’s memories, then you are part of their life.

Memories are triggers that can fire with a scent or a sound or a phrase or a jingle. Sometimes those memories come for a deep spot in your mind and the other are instant.

Everyone probably has a gallery of marketing memories in their minds that just pop up and come to life randomly or by a trigger.

It may be the smell of a Crayola crayon  transporting you back to kindergarten. (The Crayola crayon is one of the ‘top 20 most recognizable smells in the world’*)

Or it could be that memory of actually completing a rubix cube.

It could be the voice of “Tony the Tiger” in a current ad that pops you back to your moms kitchen and you’re seven years old eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes.

How do brand memories happen?

Why do these ear worms just pop up and start a travel down marketing memory lane that stay with us for days?

It’s simple. Creative Planning and consistent messaging and targeted media saturation.

But is it still possible to make these memories in a world of unlimited media choices and long tail content targeted to the most finite interest?

Yes. The magic of making memories is still possible. The ingredients are strong, consistent messaging that relates to your target audience and delivery.

Everyone has memories. And the top brands are part of those memories.

Does your brand make memories?

Take care, and let us know what brands are part of your memories.


grant ‘the brand guy’ ivens