Meet the cast of the upcoming Netflix show, JoJo and the Real Housewives of the Slime Dogs. Follow this cast of catty bitches as the stagger and cause trouble in every spa, honkytonk and club they stagger into…. from South River to Nashville to St. John’s to New York… this pack leaves their mark!

JoJo Bitch

JoJo Bitch lives up to her name. She’s sang with the Slime Dogs since she was 19 and just won’t stop. Party is her game and a tall cold glass of Pinot Grigio is her passion and her sommelier Grant makes sure the chiller is full.

‘Sher Sher’ Mangov

Sher Sher is the queen of the party… everything works to plan or else you’ll feel the pain… just ask her man Spanky!

‘Anne-ita Martini’ Harrigan

Anne-ita is the life of the party… no matter what time or where she knows how to get the front of the line and always arrives with her trusty driver Mang.

‘Cara Golden’ Showers

Cara Golden was born in the woods and is a tough as nails… she calls them the way she sees them and she’s never wrong… just ask her woodsman Roy.

‘Jeanie Lov Weenie’ Turchet

Jeanie Love Weenie is the voice of reason and intellect, her east coast perspectives explains everything and educates her trusty servant Bubba.

‘Dora Von Trapp’ Hall

Dorit Von Trapp follows no orders other than her own… “Don’t hate the player, hate the game” is just one of her tattoos and her personal trainer Keith is not allowed to talk about the other ones.

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