So if your brand was going to a Halloween party, would it be a clown ? A devil? A super hero?

Brands are just like people. They think, they breath, they have a life of their own and most importantly they have a distinctive personality that represents your organization.

Your brands’ personality is a valuable asset which interacts with every point of contact it makes. It has the potential to leave a positive or a negative impression with every engagement. This means that anyone who represents your brand is in control of your destiny. So it is essential that you know and convey how and why your brand thinks and acts to everyone that is connected to it.

Understanding your brand personality is a crucial element of your brand strategy. After all, brands are built over time, not overnight… and the most important factor of a solid brand is consistency. Consistent message. Consistent voice. Consistent image.

When a brand forgets it’s personality or decides to change it’s direction because short term thinking. it can lead to brand disaster. A classic example of ‘unbranded thinking’ is PepsiCo in 2009 when they almost destroyed their premium flagship ‘Tropicana’ orange juice brand with a total re-branded packaging launch. The new design discarded their famous ‘straw-in-orange’ graphic and the vintage Tropicana logo for a sans-serif typographic approach with no connection to their brand, it actually looked more like a no name generic brand than an industry leader. The results were quick and costly. Consumers complain vocally and with their wallets which turned into a 20% loss of sales of $33 million between January 1 to February 22! Pepsi acted quickly, canceled the new branding and relaunched the original packaging and branding… which is still on brand today.

So what will your brand dress up for Halloween?

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cheers grant ivens, rgd
brand surgeon |  rocket scientist  |  educator
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