The neighbourhood helping Ukraine

2022 is a year of chaos. Just as the COVID situation was quieting down and we thought we’d go back to normal, Putin, the demonic dictator of Russia with a small man complex decided to continue his invasion of Ukraine and pushed the world into an intense situation.

Even though the majority of the world has thrown up their arms in protest of this illegal invasion of Ukraine, it has not helped put an end to the madness and has forced millions of Ukrainians to leave their homeland and search for new lives.

To help support the Ukrainian refugees that are fleeing to Canada, we have teamed with a network of friends in our neighbourhood and are supporting Ukraine to Canada, a small volunteer organization working on helping families relocate to Canada from the refugee camps in Europe.

To raise funds to support the cost of travel and expenses for relocating families from the Ukraine we have organized two fundraisers:
online fundraiser raffle which closes on June 4
Ukrainian Fundraiser with the Slime Dogs at the Coach House on June 4

If you would like to learn more about the work that Ukraine to Canada is doing our how you can help please visit

If you would like to purchase tickets to support the raffle please click the buy button below.

Take care, and thank you for the support



grant ‘the brand guy’ ivens