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Preptime: 5-7 minutes


Sven and Troy answer the challenge from the Drunken BBQ to come up with a drink that pairs with their new ‘Juicy Smoked Chicken Naco’ and they created a hot and spicy cocktail they call ‘Smoking Bloody Shiner’.

A twist on Canada’s favourite morning-after-drink… this is a mix of Moonshine and ‘homegrownMoonshine & pot tincture’ with spices and a blast of freshly grated Wasabi…

The Smoking Bloody Shiner is a drink made to take the edge off anything.

Sit back, put on your seatbelt and enjoy.

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here’s how to mix-up a ‘smoking bllody shiner’ by the ‘grilling with shine’ intoxoligst Sven Mcoy



  • rim a tumbler with lime then dip into Caeser riming spice

  • fill a tumble with 4-5 ice cubes

  • add 2 ounces of a good 45%+ clear moonshine 



  • add 5 drops of Moonshine & homegrown pot tincture

    how to make for tincture:

  • decarbolize 28grams of ground homegrown by cooking it at 250 F for 40 minutes on a tin foil lined cookie sheet

  • let cool 

  • pour into a 500 mg jar

  • add in 400 mg of 190 proof moon shine

  • let sit for 30 days – shake daily

  • after 30 days strain through cheescloth 

  • squeeze all the goodness out of the pot

  • now you have an intense jar of tincture

  • caution – we have no idea how to measure the strength tincture so you will have to experiment with it… start small and give it an hour to feel the effects



  • shake in 5 dashes of ‘Dillion’s Small Batch Distillers Lime Bitters’



  • shake in 5 dashes of ‘Tapatío Hot Sauce’

  • 3-5 grinds of frech black pepper

burning bloody shiner cocktail by grilling with shine


  • top up with Clamato Juice

  • garnish with a spicy hot olive

Sven Mcoy and Sasquatch enjoying a Gin-Shine



  • Mix in a tall tumble with ice
  • 2 oz Moonshine
  • 5 drops of Moonshine & Pot Tincture
  • 9 drops Dillon’s Lime Bitters
  • 5 dashes of Tapatio
  • 1/2 teaspoon of fresh grated Wasabi
  • fresh ground black pepper
  • Shake and strain into large tumbler over ice
  • top off with Clamato juice
  • garnish with one spicy hot olive
  • sit back and enjoy with juicy smoked pulled chicken nachos

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cheers from the grill team at Grilling with Shine – Troy de Bois (grill master) & Sven Mcoy (intoxologist)

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sven mcoy and troy de bois hosts of grilling with shine

Grilling with Shine show hosts are the grilling and distillery enthusiasts, intoxologist Sven Mcoy (left) and grill master Troy de Bois (right).

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grilling with shine

Grilling with Shine is a road tour cooking and drinking show hosted by the grilling and distillery enthusiasts, Troy de Bois (grill master) and Sven Mcoy (intoxologist). 

Come watch how these two lifelong backwoods friends cook-up something on the grill and explore how they can use moonshine as a basic ingredient in every recipe.

goonie goo-goo productions is excited to launch this new real life adventure exploring craft distilleries, local butcher shops and markets in small towns and discovering how fun the grilling life can be.

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