We proudly announce the launch of the Say What! Art Collective…

The say what! team has always loved the world of art.

Art is what got us into the field of communications and continues to be our driving force of creativity.

The launch of the Say What! Art Collective is our way to show support of our incredible network of amazing artists, friends, colleagues and clients.  This gaggle of creative geniuses delivers a truly diverse collection of artistic styles and medias that represents Canada from the East to the West.

We invite you to say hello to the Say What! Art Collective.

This group of artists offers you a new approach to shopping local and opens a glimpse into the thriving world of original Canadian art.
The creative styles of the Say What! Art collective are as varied as the faces of Canada.

Sherwood Park’s Tania Garner shows her ability to cast motion in bronze…

Tania Garner-Thomas

Sherwood Park, Alberta

Quincy Raby’s sensibilities for pop art comes direct from the streets of Toronto…

Quincy Raby

Toronto, Ontario

Musselman Lake’s Roger Carlsen uses his lens to capture the colours of nature…

Roger Carlsen

Musselman's Lake, Ontario

Horseshoe Valley’s Dan Kangas transforms driftwood into lifelike animals…

Dan Kangas

Horseshoe Valley, Ontario

Kelly Devoe records East Coast history through infectious songs in Halifax…

Kelly Devoe

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Stouffville’s Alexis Stefānija awakes mystical times through her imaginative jewellrey…

Alexis Stefānija

Stouffville, Ontario

Christine “the brownie queen” invents delectable sweet souvenirs in Buckhorn…

Christine 'the brownie queen' Williams

Buckhorn, Ontario

Toronto’s Todd deKoker chases the sun across all forms of media…

Todd deKoker

Toronto, Ontario

Words and images are encased in film by Toronto multi-media artist Wally Moss…

Wally Moss

Toronto, Ontario

Grant from say what! offers up his humorous views through power tools and paint…

Grant Ivens

Stouffville, Ontario

This collection has something to offer for all… and art makes a timeless gift for any occasion.

The collective is open….

Enjoy grant
grant ‘the brand guy’ ivens, rgd
brand surgeon  |  rocket scientist

Shop Local – Support Canadian Arts