Rebranding can be a powerful marketing tool

The most important rules of branding are consistency and time. The continual use of brand messaging and imagery creates an imprint into the mind of the consumer and over time your brand builds and takes hold in their memory.

The opposite of consistency is the power of change. While change is not recommended for regular brand messaging, it is an important tool that can work in your favour to send a message that something is different or new.

Rebranding is a calculated way to switch direction… but there has to be a rational reason.

The power of rebranding is the opportunity to hit the reset button and create a new experience.

The danger of rebranding is missing out on delivering a new experience. How often have you been disappointed by a new brand that goes through rebranding and ends up being just the same old thing… Coke aside of course.

If you’re thinking of rebranding then make sure you make a change…

Reasons to rebrand:

  • a modified business model
  • changed product offerings
  • improved customer service
  • something is drastically changed and you want people to take notice

The say what! branding team has rebranded hundreds of clients to help them introduce change.

When electronics manufacturer Mara Technology wanted to tell their client base they were more than one plant, the say what! brand team helped them introduce the world to the Invotek Group. A larger full service network of companies branded on the positioning statement of ‘we are your factory ‘.

This new message is supported through their marketing, their on-line and LinkedIn presence.

Invotek rebranding

When Harry James Enterprises wanted to re-invent their luxury Marca on Main restaurant into a state-of-the-art boutique event centre the say what! branding team reneamed the facility and created the Live Real Factory brand. This new name and brand is an amazing physical place reinforced with online and social programs including 360 degree tours.

marca to live real factory rebranding
When the third wave of COVID lockdowns lifted, the Coach House Pub wanted to let their market know they had changed with new management, new menu and expanded facilities. The say what! branding team created a new brand focused on establishing a gastropub direction with an emphasis on their premium location in the luxury neighbourhood of Ballantrae.
Coach House Pub rebranding

The importance of rebranding is to amplify how you’re organization has changed.

If you’re ready to show the world that your changed through a rebranding then get in touch with us at

Take care, and let us know what other brands need to rethink their branding.


grant ‘the brand guy’ ivens