say what! turns ideas to brands

say what! communications is a brand and product development consultancy. We focus on creating and partnering with b2b and b2c clients to turn ideas to brands.

say what! applies ourbrandLove” process to define and express a brand’s difference. In a crowded marketplace it is essential for a brand offering to be different than competitors and to continually demonstrate why a target market should deal with you.

 say what! brings a proven track record of launching clients and our own products and service concepts to market across multiple industries.

In a crowded marketplace it is essential to own a difference and to continually demonstrate why your target market should deal with you across all medias.


is now the time to rebrand?

is now the time to rebrand?

Rebranding can be a powerful marketing tool The most important rules of branding are consistency and time. The continual use of brand messaging and imagery creates an imprint into the mind of the consumer and over time your brand builds and takes hold in their memory....

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under pressure

under pressure

How quickly brands can change In our September 2020 article 'be careful before you brand' we looked at how public opinion was finally being heard by corporations. Age old brands based on out of date stereotypes and descrimination came to flash points with society and...

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Is your brand ready for the party?

Is your brand ready for the party?

things are changing... During the pandemic we have all been forced to play it safe. Keep our distance, hyper clean, wear a mask and avoid social gatherings. Major events cancelled. Favourite places closed. And everything put on hold. But things will change. And change...

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here's what our clients think of us

“A good musician is technically proficient but a great musician feels the music. The same is true of a great marketing company, they have to feel your message before they can bring your unique story to life. No one does that better than Say What!

For more than 25 years Grant has partnered with us to infuse a vibrant beating pulse into all things Harry James.”


Founder, Harry James Group

“WOW, WOW, WOW this is amazing!!!

I love my new website.

It was worth all the work and effort that went into it. I know I was reluctant to switch but so happy I did and I couldn’t be happier with the increased traffic and my new look 🙂

THANK YOU for helping me with this!”


Owner, SwissRidge Kennels

“The creative team that Claudia at PMS and Grant at say what! have brought to the UJE is magical.

They have helped us truly define and present our complex message as a world class brand on a global basis and consistently in two languages, English and Ukrainian!”


Director of Operations, Ukrainian Jewish Encounter