think of a brand… any brand…

What comes up?

A company name?

A logo?

Maybe a jingle or slogan.

How about a smell or a taste?

Maybe it’s the feel of a product.

Whatever may have come to mind, you have just invoked a memory response in the brain. Sometime in your past, that brand affected you in some way that it was considered worthwhile to keep in the limited amount of cranium storage.

But what made your brain decide to give that memory precedence over something else?

Scientifically, let’s just say it’s complicated. It’s not the actual name or logo or taste that is being remembered but rather the experience that came with it.

It’s known as the Gestalt Theory and it states that the sum of an experience is what makes a memory instead of the individual parts.

In the upcoming Say What! podcast series, the “Science of Brand Chronicles” focuses on the relationship between science and marketing.

Join Jason ‘The Germ Guy’ Tetro and Grant ‘The Brand Guy’ Ivens, as we explore how brands can own non-tangible connections with consumers. We’ll dive into how science unites brands and why human senses are just the beginning point for brand loyalty and market success.

Listen to the “Science of Brand Chronicles” intro podcast to get a taste of what’s to come…


Science of Brand Chronicles Introduction

by Jason 'The Germ Guy' Tetro & Grant "The Brand Guy' Ivens | Science of Brand Chronicles Podcast Series

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jason ‘the brand guy’ tetro & grant ‘the brand guy’ ivens

The Say What! ‘Science of Brand Chronicles’