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The Challenge

One of the first brand experiences for many of us is the scent of a newly opened box of Crayola crayons. It is also one of the most recognizable scents in the world.

Crayola was in need of a branding update and ongoing product and packaging support and asked the say what! team to help.



The Solution

An in-depth international research study that compared the brain activity of children using crayons to children using a computer demonstrated the importance of art in learning. The research proved that drawing was 1,000 times more involved and used significantly more areas of the brain compared to the key stroke of the computer.

Say What! leveraged the results of this study to create the brand simple positioning of “Art Grows Brains!”

A multi-level public relations and product program promoted the importance of art in the classroom. The campaign was supported with a fleet of Art Grows Brains vans travelling across Canada. The vans were loaded with products and heat sensitive “brain-o-meter” cards which gave access to the “brain-o-club” micro-website – and the new face of Crayola Canada was launched.

The Art Grows Brains program established the playful, smart attitude and a bold imagery positioning that are key elements of the Crayola brand.


Say What! paints outside the lines

“Say What! played an essential role in the re-imaging of the Crayola brand.”

Paul Z., Senior VP, Crayola International  

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