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Bombardier Q400 NextGen “Get More”

Since the introduction of the “Get More” brand positioning for the Bombardier Q400 NextGen, the brand has taken on a life of its own. “Get More” has been adopted by all levels of this aircraft program and it is continuing to evolve and expand from marketing to shop floor.

Eastwood Guitars “I get it”

The “I get it” brand for Eastwood Guitars is direct from the mouths of their consumers. This is a guitar brand that is outside of the norm, and that’s exactly why the Eastwood target market loves it. A product brand and strategy that thinks differently just like the guitar players that use them.

Crayola “Art grows brains”

Based on an in-depth international research study which proved that the human brain was 1,000 times more engaged when using a crayon compared to using a computer, we developed the “Art grows brains” campaign which established the playful, smart attitude and bold imagery which are key elements of the Crayola brand.